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product Fri May 27 2022

Logistix - Setting Up Your Business

Learn more about completing your business set-up on Logistix to get started shipping at once.
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How to setup logistix for your business after signing up

We figured you might need a walk-through on how to set up or customize logistix to your business fit, so we sat to compose a simple walkthrough for you. we will list and walk you through them.

Other steps to fully customise your business includes

Step 1 Add your delivery locations

Step 2 Create a price list

Step 3 Set up your bank account

Step 4 Add a debit card

Step 5 Add your dispatch riders

Step 6 Add staff

Step 7 Customize your website

NOTE: Only the first four (4) out of all steps are compulsory on logistix. All steps listed above will not take over 5 minutes to set up; once they are done, you won’t need to do it again.

1. Add your delivery locations

Adding your locations allows customers to know where you ship from and to. e.g if you ship throughout Lagos, select Lagos as a state.

Average finishing time: 1 min.

2. Create a price list

Customers want to know how much your business charges for a parcel to be shipped from point A to point B. We added a calculator to help you calculate familiar distances and attach prices to them. e.g Oshodi – Ikeja = 16km = N2,600

Average finishing time: 1 min.

3. Set up a bank account

When customers ship parcels, payments are made to the account number you provided.

Average finishing time: 30 secs.

4. Add a debit card

Logistix app is free to use, you are charged a transaction fee only when people ship on your website. The transaction fee for your first 20 parcels is free, however, after that, we will charge a transaction amount of 0.1 * Shipping fee. This can always be paid at the end of the month (secured with paystack).

Average finishing time: 30 secs.

Congrats, now you can start getting shipping orders.

Now, to the remaining Optional Steps

5. Add dispatch riders

Add your dispatch riders so you can easily assign shipping orders to them. Once you assign a shipment to a rider, the rider gets a notification.

Average finishing time: 1 min.

6. Add your staff

If you have other people/staff who help with the daily activities of your business, add them, to give them access to do their jobs better.

Average finishing time: 1 min.

7. Customize your website

Customize your website to make your customers see what you want when they are ready to ship their parcels. Add your logo, welcome text, and social media handles.

Average finishing time: 1 min.

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