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We believe in the opportunities that come with being In Absolute Control of your Business. Logistix gives you the ability to shape your business by maximizing control and minimizing losses.

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Track Parcels

Your Customers can Track Their Parcels from Pickup to Destination. They get an estimated delivery time for every parcel they ship using a Tracking ID that will be sent to their mail after registering their parcels.


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Getting Started As
A Delivery Business
Get your business to operate at its Peak Potential. Manage Shipment Order and Administrators, Receive Periodic Performance Analytics, Let your customers track their parcel and do so much more.
Takes Just 3 Steps 😊


Create Your Business
Register your business here. You will get an email containing your website address and the credentials you need to manage your business on Logistix.


Setup Your Business
After signing in with your credentials, you can Customize your website, Create Dispatchers, Add All the locations your business will ship to, Create your Price List and Add your bank account.


Start Receiving Orders
You can now share your website's address to your customers on social media or whatever platform of your choice so they can start shipping.

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Complete business setup

Receive Orders
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Grow your business on the go!

Here's Something Light,
Just For Your Dispatchers.

Logistix comes out-of-the-box with a mobile application that will help your dispatchers manage their deliverables and be in constant communication with your customers.

  • View Active Deliveries
  • View Delivery History
  • Create Delivery Orders
  • View Directions
  • View Location on Map

... and Logistix is

"Almost Free"

Cheap & Fair Pricing — We charge only 10% of your monthly revenue, which means we only make money when you do.

Pricing Calculator

Your Monthly Revenue is the total amount you have made from All deliveries in a month.


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We have curated for you some common questions asked by the businesses who use Logistix. We hope this answers the questions you have in mind.

Wanna Play Around?

We got you covered! We thought you might wanna have fun with Logistix and so we created a demo playground where you can experience Logistix before experiencing Logistix.